Stamp Duty Calculator

What is Stamp Duty?

A major acquisition cost of purchasing property is ‘stamp duty’, a tax payable to the government connected to the transfer of real estate. The amount of duty payable depends on how advanced the construction of the building is and its current value as of the purchase date.

How Stamp Duty Affects Your Investment

When purchasing off-the-plan it allows the purchaser to have some input into the decor, fixtures and fittings to suit their personal taste. In Victoria, it affords significant stamp duty savings and tax benefits through depreciation, if purchasing for an investment.

The Victorian Government offers a unique concession (discount) to buyers purchasing property off-the-plan. Typically, construction will not yet have started at the date of contract, or is incomplete at this date. Therefore, stamp duty is calculated only on the land value or partially improved value of the property.

There have been recent changes to stamp duty for properties that settle after 1st July 2017, which adversely affect investors. The changes mean that stamp duty concessions are now only applicable to owner-occupiers and no longer for investors, increasing the capital outlay required for the property.

Full details of the stamp duty concession changes can be found here:

How to Calculate Stamp Duty

Explore the calculator below to see how much stamp duty you could save by buying a property off-the-plan.

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